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Episodes and links



Episode 13 – Identity in Christ, Christ in Disciples

Paul writes of the mystery of Christ in the believer. What does that mean? How do we exhibit Christ in us?

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 27JUN22)


Episode 14 – Identity in Christ, A Matter of Position

What is our position in Christ that gives us our authority, power, and rights? One clue, you are not your own.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 04JUL22)


Episode 15 – Identity in Christ, The Power of Voice

Why are we to speak out in faith? What is the power of the tongue? “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 11JUL22)


Episode 16 – Identity in Christ, Who God Says I Am

Who does God Say that I am? These verses are a reassurance to the believer to secure one’s faith and confidence.

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Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 18JUL22)


Episode 16.5 – Identity in Christ, Who God Says I Am, Bible Verses

This is a reading of the Bible verses referenced in episode 16, Who God Says I Am.


Episode 17 – Righteous Living

What does it mean to live righteously? Then, how do we live in such a way? Is it even possible?

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 25JUL22)


Episode 18 – Abundance of the Heart

What is it? Where does it come from? What control do we have over it? What do we do with it?

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 01AUG22)



We have a certain amount of responsibility and God has grace and mercy. What do we count on and when?

Special Guest is Paula Shaughnessy, of “Paula Shaughnessy’s Only Believe“.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 08AUG22)


EPISODE 20 – Loving One Another

To love properly requires commitment to God and to one another. What is love, really?

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 15AUG22)


EPISODE 21 – Why Church?

Believers are encouraged to gather together, but why? Do the scriptural reasons take place at the church you attend? Do you attend a church?

I will be joined by Pastor Steve Eichhorn for the conversation segment.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 22AUG22)


EPISODE 22 – The Religion Trap

Performance based religion prevents true freedom that is promoted through a loving relationship with Jehovah, Almighty God, our Creator.

I will be joined by Colin Akehurst for the conversation segment.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 29AUG22)


EPISODE 23 – Gospel, TESTIMONy, Witness

What are they? When, how, and why are they used?

I will be joined by Pastor Joe Laux for the conversation segment.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 05SEP22)


Episode 24 – Obedience in Love

This is our calling as commanded by Christ. We are called to be obedient as well as being called to love one another.

I will be joined by Evangelist Steve Olson for the conversation segment.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 12SEP22)




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