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Weekly Podcast, Being Disciples, with a new episode each Monday.


Being Disciples is hosted on at with new episodes weekly. These episodes will be the jumping off point for discussions in some of the small groups formed here; perhaps others will go in a different direction concerning content for study. The study notes corresponding to the episodes can be found in the menu link, Virtual Study Topics and Links or via the highlighted link on the Being Disciples Podcast page for each episode.


With each gathering we will be having a discussion concerning aspects of Christian Living and applying the Word of God to our daily lives. This virtual gathering will allow us to sharpen one another and provoke thoughts concerning how we ought to be living our lives as followers of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our beliefs may be challenged. Our knowledge and understanding may be stretched. Our level of faith and love may be revealed. It all depends upon the depths we are willing to explore during our conversations about the faith in which we have chosen to walk.


Some questions that we will explore, for example:

  • The Cornerstone – Jesus Christ
    • Are we really willing to follow wherever He leads?
  • The Foundations – The Prophets and The Apostles
    • How do these men of old relate to us today?
  • The Living Stones – The Believers
    • What is it to be a believer and is that enough?
  • The Mortar – Love
    • How do Love, Obedience, and Truth relate to one another?
  • Molding the Living Stones – Part One, Discipleship
    • What is a disciple and what is expected of a disciple?
  • Molding the Living Stones – Part Two, Building the Walls
    • What is it to make disciples?
  • Also:
    • Are all believers disciples?
    • How do we measure up?
    • What is it to be an overcomer?
    • What is the Kingdom Age?
    • What are the treasures of heaven and how do we store them up?


If you have a hunger or thirst for fellowship, encouragement, and hope, we look forward to meeting with you as we all become part of one another’s lives with one faith, under one Spirit, united as the Body of Christ.


There will be groups coming together at various times and hopefully you will find one that works for you. If not, we can work to begin a new group. After a short social time, the topic will be introduced  with a short outline which will be the direction for the gathering’s conversation. Notes will be on this site prior to the meeting for each of us to review and prepare for the discussion. The link for the meeting of the week will be sent to those who choose to participate. The idea is to have a conversation to sharpen one another and promote the growth of the body that will deepen our faith and our relationship with God. On occasion, as the Spirit leads, an evening may include more teaching with less conversation. We are leaving the space to follow the leading of God within each gathering.


Our desire is to have a cohesive group of true believers that are longing for a deeper relationship with God and a greater understanding of what that entails. We definitely need to be a strong and healthy Body of Christ during these days in which we live.









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