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Episodes and links


Episode 1 – Being Disciples Podcast Introduction

Today will be a description of the format and goals for this podcast. It will include a brief description of the type of information we will cover and the audience we are targeting. I will be joined by Garret Berge in the second half conversation.

No Notes   –   Video

(Originally Aired 09APR22)


Episode 2 – What is a disciple?

We must first discover what it is to be a disciple before we can become one. We must also decide whose disciple we shall be. We must then do what a disciple does. We will explore these topics in this episode. I will be joined by Garret Berge in the second half conversation.

Notes   –   Video

(Originally Aired 11APR22)


Episode 2.5 – Special Edition: Relationships and Love

My neighbor recently died and I was asked to speak at the funeral. This is a message that honors her, honors God, and is just in time for Resurrection Sunday.

No Notes – No Video


Episode 3 – Christ Jesus, The Cornerstone

What exactly is a cornerstone? Why is Jesus referred to as the cornerstone? We will explore these ideas as they are represented in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians as well as in Peter’s first epistle. I will be joined by Pastor Al Best in the second half conversation.

Notes   –   Video

(Originally Aired 18APR22)


Episode 4 – Apostles and Prophets, The Foundation

The truths brought forth by the Apostles and the Prophets form the foundation upon which our faith is built. God lays out His plan for the way we ought to live our lives as true disciples of Christ Jesus. Are we, as living stones, on that sure foundation that aligns itself on the cornerstone? I will be joined by Pastor Steve Eichhorn in the second half conversation. The Forefathers Monument video is at

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 25APR22)


Episode 5 – Believers, The Living Stones

God calls us to be holy, as He is holy. God commands us to love Him with our whole being and to love one another, How do we, as believers becoming disciples, fulfill the calls and commands of God? In a bit of a twist, I will be the guest today.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 02MAY22)


Episode 6 – Stones Becoming Walls

How are the living stones fit together to be built into the wall? The wall is made up of living stones. The wall is salvations. The wall is to protect the hearts of the believers. We will explore how this all comes together. I will be joined by my wife, Sue, and friend, Carol Lemke, for a conversation on the love between believers.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 09MAY22)


Episode 7 – Moulding Stones Part 1, Disciples

How do we measure up as disciples of Christ Jesus? Scripture reveals what should be our lives concerning relationship, behavior, views, beliefs, and more. Only by knowing what a disciple should be, can we know how far we have to go to accomplish the goal. This episode will feature Joshua and Sam joining me for a conversation about being disciples.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 16MAY22)


Episode 8 – Moulding Stones Part 2, Making Disciples

Is there an evangelistic equation? What was the example the Apostle Paul set for us? Do we demonstrate the gospel in the Spirit and power? We will examine the Gospel of the Kingdom, how we can learn to walk with God, and the choices that need to be made. Evangelist Steve Olson will join me to discuss his call and style of making disciples.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 23MAY22)


Episode 9 – Identity in Christ, Baptism

Baptism is filled with symbolism and is a part of our proclamation of our faith. Is baptism required for salvation? Is it a requirement to be a disciple? I look forward to discussing the topic with Pastor Al Best.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 30MAY22)


Episode 10 – Identity in Christ, Children of God

Is it a valid claim, when in reference to all mankind, “We are all children of God?” Let’s take a deeper look at becoming a child of God.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 06JUN22)


Episode 11 – Identity in Christ, The Body of Christ

The group of believers, disciples, and overcomers are referred to as “The Body of Christ”, but what does that mean? Let’s explore this together.

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 13JUN22)


Episode 12 – Identity in Christ, Clothed In Christ

Paul instructs us to clothe ourselves with Christ, and to put on Christ. How do we do that? Also, how does the armor of God figure into this?

Notes – Video

(Originally Aired 20JUN22)




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