Garret Berge


Garret puts his tech-savvy and his 39 years of following Christ to work as host of the Virtual Study gathering.

Garret has been utilizing technology to further God’s Kingdom and share His Word ever since he first picked up a keyboard. Now, being in the changing times in which we live, it’s a great time to expand our reach by utilizing such great video conferencing services. Garret also likes to utilize his humorous side to bring joy and laughter to others.

Garret Currently struggles with major health issues such as Sarcoidosis, which is attacking his lungs, liver, and kidneys. Currently, Garret is on dialysis while he waits for a kidney transplant. Even though he faces these struggles daily, he always chooses joy and positivity and relies on God’s promises to get him through each day.







John Schaenzer


John presents a podcast, Being Disciples, which provides the topic for each week’s conversation.

John surrendered his life to Christ in February of 1985 and immediately acted upon his passion for evangelism and discipleship. Along with a couple of fellow believers, John formed a non-profit organization, The Living Truth, which primarily focused on evangelism. This ministry was eventually given over to others who had an expanded mission in other countries.

A number of years later another ministry opportunity took root, named Truth Driven. The theme was evangelism and discipleship. The operation involved preaching, teaching, evangelism, and discipleship.

  • Evangelism: Share the good news of the Gospel with all who will listen.
  • Discipleship: Challenge believers to live more holy lives.

Currently, John is a pastor with the Ekklesia at Anoka in Minnesota.

The many whom John has mentored and discipled can attest that he still lives with these motivations in mind. Whether in the nursing home, with the youth, in the Ekklesia,  or in everyday connections, John always seeks to empower people to successfully respond to the call of God upon their lives. As you will learn, he truly believes our call is to “Obedience in Love”.


John can be contacted by email at or via the form on the homepage. 



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The Relationship

While John currently lives 20 minutes north of Minneapolis and Garret lives a couple of hours south of the Twin Cities, in Minnesota, they met several years ago while attending church together north of Minneapolis before Garret moved south. For many years they have maintained their friendship and have developed a deeply spiritual connection that has led to this venture.

This ministry opportunity is of the Lord and will be guided by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Whatever good that comes out of it is because of the gracious hand of God at work in our lives. It is His, and He is free to do with it as He will. We look forward to serving all who participate in any way we possibly can, and we look forward to the relationships that will be newly formed as well as the established relationships that will be deepened through this time we spend together digging into God’s word.



An Invitation