Being Disciples is hosted on at with new episodes weekly. These episodes will be the jumping off point for discussions in some of the small groups formed here; perhaps others will go in a different direction concerning content for study. The study notes corresponding to the episodes can be found in the above link, Virtual Study Topics and Links.


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Each podcast episode will have the audio version, a video version, and study notes, so each person can select what works best for them. These can be used to study along with us, for an individual study or deeper look, or to lead a small group of your own. Everything here is for the benefit of the Body of Christ and is free for your use.





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Episodes and links



Episode 25 – A Relationship with God

What does a relationship require? Is it different with God?

I will be joined by Bill Livingston for the conversation segment.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 19SEP22)


Episode 26 – Destiny Part One – Purpose, Calling, Destiny

An exploration of these facets of the Christian life.

I will be joined by Paula Shaughnessy, of “Paula Shaughnessy’s Only Believe“, for the conversation segment.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 26SEP22)


Episode 27 – Destiny Part Two – Believer’s Destiny

Our destiny is to be grasped and lived out. First we must understand what it is.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 03OCT22)


Episode 28 – Destiny Part Three – Living The Faith

Knowing our destiny is one thing. It is another to know how to live it out.

I will be joined by Joshua Griffis for the conversation segment.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 10OCT22)


Episode 29 – Destiny Part Four – Kingdom Role

Every believer has a role in the kingdom of God. Discover your role and live it.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 17OCT22)



God is referred to in many ways in Scripture. Each name has a meaning and is what God wants to be to His children.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 24OCT22)


EPISODE 31 – Tearing Down Strongholds

What is a stronghold? What can I do about it? What has the power to destroy strongholds?

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 31OCT22)



Scriptures for healing that we need to soak into our spirit.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 07NOV22)


EPISODE 33 – Communion and Study

What is communion? Why do we do it? We will also look at how to study a topic.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 14NOV22)


EPISODE 34 – A Spirit Of Thanksgiving

Living in a spirit of thanksgiving will transform one’s life. Let’s discover how to do that.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 21NOV22)



Both require sincerity and truth. How do we use these disciplines and why?

I will be joined by Kimberly Brown for the conversation segment.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 28NOV22)


EPISODE 36 – TRinity Part One – The Name of Jesus

Jesus, the Son of God, has the name above all names. What does that mean for us?

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 05DEC22)




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