Ekklesia Bootcamp



Learn what Ekklesia is and how to lead a group, or to participate in a group, in your area. The first century church gathered in homes to pray and fellowship. In the smaller group setting it is easy for all to participate and to develop a community on which one can depend for support, encouragement, and real relationships.


This is an excellent opportunity to explore what we should be as the body of Christ and how we can co-labor with Christ for the Kingdom of Heaven. Learn how to have a powerful prayer life against which the gates of Hades shall not prevail. Discover how we are to truly love one another.


This online class will be hosted on Zoom by Steve “Ike” Eichhorn and John Schaenzer. Meeting times will be 6:30 – 8:30 PM CST. It will cover six weeks on Tuesday evenings from March 28 through May 2.


This is in conjunction with Omega Kingdom Ministry. Register for the class at Omega Kingdom Ministry – okmtraining.org

  • Under the “Training” button select Boot Camp
    • There is an “Introduction To Bootcamp” video if interested
  • Click the “Join A Class” button
  • Select the box: Boot Camp, Coached by Steve Eichhorn
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