Virtual Study 001


April 14, 2020



Virtual Study Introductions: Meet Garret and John.

Welcome to the first gathering of our Virtual Study. This is going to be an introductory session: the people, the format, the topics.


The following is an example of notes that will be sent with the group meeting codes each week. We can each use the notes to prepare for the discussion.


The People

  • Garret: the host of the gatherings
    • Sets up the feed
    • Handles the technical aspects
    • Sends out the notices, codes, etc.
  • John: the initial presenter
    • Prepares the notes for the topic
    • Presents the topic at the beginning of the conversation
    • Assists in keeping the conversation on topic
  • Participants: others who join us for this adventure
    • Introductions – name and region (John, north of Minneapolis)
    • Helping us get to know one another
    • Developing community and communion


The Format

  • 7:00 PM start time
  • Garret will get things up and running
  • Garret will welcome people to the group
  • A time for casual conversation
    • We want to get to know one another
  • Garret will hand the reins over to John to present the topic
  • John will make a short presentation of the topic
    • Assuming the participants have looked over the notes
  • John will invite others to share their thoughts or questions
    • The thoughts should relate to the topic at hand
    • The questions can be to the group in general, or to a specific person
  • At some point the conversation may come to a natural end
    • The scheduled end time is 9:00 PM
    • If the conversation on the topic ends early, further conversation can take place on other topics.
  • Garret will shut down the meeting
    • 9:00 PM is the end time
      • Could run later if Garret and others are available and interested
      • A new meeting could be established for further conversation or ministry if the original meeting has ended and has been shut down
    • Attendance
      • There are no attendance requirements
      • Arrive when you can
      • Leave when you need to
    • Study Notes
      • The notes are for those who are participating
      • The notes are sent to those who opted-in and desire to participate in the group
      • Anyone who has not been attending for a period of time may be deleted from the list



  • Initially selected by John
  • Selection will then follow the interests of the group
    • As led by Holy Spirit
    • We will work together on this
  • The themes of the study are:
    • Holiness: living a holy life for God
    • Intimacy with God: drawing closer to God
    • Relationship with God: growing in knowledge and understanding of God
    • Discipleship: discovering what it is to be a faithful disciple of Christ Jesus
  • The initial studies to begin the group
    • Building the Wall
      • Construction begins with the Cornerstone: Christ Jesus
      • The Foundations are laid: Apostles and Prophets
      • The wall is built with the Living Stones: Believers
      • Molding the stones: Discipleship and Making Disciples
      • The Mortar for the wall: Love
      • The Plumb Line and the Line: Righteousness and Justice
    • Purposes of the Wall
    • Purposes of the Gates
    • The Temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Interesting study for the future
    • The Seven Spirits of God
      • Isaiah 11:2 and Revelation 1:4
      • Relation to individuals
      • Relation to regions
      • Relation to the land



Link to  YouTube Video, 14APR20

Link to Podcast on PodBean

Note: Unfortunately, we had a technical issue and the audio recording dropped out after about six minutes. There are still introductions of us, but the rest of the conversation is lost.

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