Here we will consider “From Laodicea to Ephesians” which is a look at the practical steps to move from the institutional church system into Ekklesia; the means to get there.


On March 26, 2019, I had written in my journal the sense I had of leading the church from Laodicea (in Revelation 3) to Ephesus (the Letter to the Ephesians) as overcomers (Revelation letters to the Ekklesias in Asia Minor).


The current move from the institutional church system to gatherings of Ekklesia appears to be the vehicle to accomplish the journey from Laodicea to Ephesians.


We will discover practical ways to move from being a group of church attending believers to becoming sons and daughters of God who co-labor with God, and one another, to fulfill the mandates Jesus had laid out for His disciples. We are looking to put the idea of Ekklesia into practice.


We will begin by looking at Laodicea and see what it is that we are coming out of. We will then progress through Ephesians and learn what it will take to be overcomers by becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.