Being Disciples is hosted on at with new episodes weekly. These episodes will be the jumping off point for discussions in some of the small groups formed here; perhaps others will go in a different direction concerning content for study. The study notes corresponding to the episodes can be found in the above link, Virtual Study Topics and Links.


We have established a video channel that will have a slides presentation with the voiceover of the podcast. This is for those who enjoy viewing something in addition to hearing it.        Find the Patron Informational video here to learn more about this venture.


Each podcast episode will have the audio version, a video version, and study notes, so each person can select what works best for them. These can be used to study along with us, for an individual study or deeper look, or to lead a small group of your own. Everything here is for the benefit of the Body of Christ and is free for your use.





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Episodes and links



EPISODE 49 – Crafting Your Jesus

Creating God in your image is the making of an idol. How do we do this, even unwittingly at times?

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 06MAR23)


EPISODE 50 – Add to Faith

Faith is the foundational building block. What are we to build upon it? 2 Peter 1:5-7

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 13MAR23)


EPISODE 51 – Dreams and Visions

Hearing God can be through a dream, a vision, or however God chooses to get the message across to us. Are we listening?

Today’s guest for the conversation segment is Paula Shaughnessy. (Paula’s Website)

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 20MAR23)


EPISODE 52 – My “Moral of the Story” Dreams

One way of hearing God is through a dream. This, for me, was a unique series of dreams.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 27MAR23)


EPISODE 53 – The Kingdom of Heaven and of God

Kingdom Series – Part One: Is there a difference? What is the Kingdom?

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 03APR23)


EPISODE 54 – The Kingdom at Hand

Kingdom Series – Part Two: Instruction for disciples. Where is the Kingdom?

Today’s guest for the conversation segment is Pastor Al Best.

Notes – Video

(Originally aired 10APR23)


EPISODE 55 – Infectious Carriers

Kingdom Series – Part Three: A prelude to salvation. The duty of disciples.

Today’s guest for the conversation segment is Pastor Joseph Mitchell

Notes – Video

(Scheduled to be aired 17APR23)


EPISODE 56 – Kingdom Come

Kingdom Series – Part Four: Praying the kingdom into the earth.

Today’s guest for the conversation segment is Pastor Russ Wagner.

Notes – Video

(Scheduled to be aired 24APR23)




Notes – Video

(Scheduled to be aired 01MAY23)




Notes – Video

(Scheduled to be aired 08MAY23)




Notes – Video

(Scheduled to be aired 15MAY23)




Notes – Video

(Scheduled to be aired 22MAY23)



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